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It’s Not Just How Your Amp Sounds…

…It’s how it looks!

Sure, there are some interesting amplifiers out there for your guitar but in all honesty, they take themselves waaaaaay too seriously. They are stuck in the glory days of boxes with speaker cloth, Marshall bronze, Fender chrome and chicken head nobs or whatever they have that defines their look and feel.

Granted, there is a big market for something that screams it’s branding out, something that can be identified on site. And for those of you who are looking for that type of amp, you know where to shop.

I’m interested in building one of a kind things. Amps that don’t make sense but still rock out. Sure, I’m going to copy other DIY styles to get a feel for things but I’m pretty sure there is nothing I won’t attempt to build an amp out of in the future.

One of my inspirations is the Darth Vader Boomcase which is technically an all purpose amp but still has a lot of style! lol It’s brilliant!

Stay tuned for two of my earliest attempts, both custom dreamed up by me. I’ll put links in where I can to the kits I used and my thoughts and feelings on how they work and sound. Unfortunately, they don’t have in progress shots as I thought of that way too late but my next one will!

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