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Hacking The Radio – First Try

So it’s all well and good to want to hack an old school radio to be a guitar amp but I hit a snag on this first time out and am going to have to take some time to do it for this system. In the mean while I am looking for a better radio to give it a try with.

Dogs do help.

So I bought the radio you see here from eBay for cheap as it was missing the battery cover. Decided it would be an ok test for the project before I got something that cost a bit more.


The issue, as it turns out, is that this one is a bit too modern or at the very least the engineers did not think that anyone would want to modify the thing many years in the future. Not very forward thinking of them!

Once I go the case open, I could see that the contact points I was going to use to solder in the guitar jack were in difficult to reach places which would require a good deal more dismantling.

If you look at this next image, you can see that the whole device is on one board instead of several and uses both sides. Additionally, they bolted everything to the back of the radio and put the volume pot on the backside of the board so I would have to do a major teardown to get to it.


So I’m putting that on hold until I have more time to work on it. Time to move on to the ammo can amp!

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