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Amp Expriment 2: Swamp Monster

Finally finished the Swamp Monster ammo crate amp and it sounds sweet! And, as the name suggests, it’s a heavy ammo crate good for bashing any overly aggressive swamp monsters over the head.

As I like to do, I’m going to go over the things I learned building this amp that will be invaluable to you should you decide to try it yourself.

#1 And this is a biggie: this thing is very heavy, thick, hard metal. It has to be to survive a war zone so… If you are into this, make sure you have the right tools.

  • Jig Saw – best if you get the kind that has the little skis on it and you slide it along. The handheld type will most likely be a lot of work.
  • Metal Only Jig Saw Blades – You are gonna want something that can cut this box and the better the blade the better the cut. Side Note: Why not a hole saw? You can do it that way but you need to get metal cutting ones that are not cheap plus the jig saw can be used so many other places it’s worth it.
  • Metal Drill Bits – Just get a set. Has to have one at least big enough for you to get the jig saw blade through.
  • Drill – duh
  • Dremel – Optional but I find it very useful for sanding off the sharp metal edges and curls of metal from drilling and cutting. This is especially important on the input and output jacks since they have very little threading to work with so you need a smooth edge to clamp down on.
  • Metal Grinder Dremel Bits – See above

#2 A Plan!

I went into this not really sure where or what I was going to do with it and I should have spent a few minutes making sure of measurements, leveling where holes would be drilled, that sort of thing.

Creating a template would have been ideal but in the end I was ok with the slightly off level of holes drilled because I did want it to feel home made, not something from a store.

Too add to that, you can see I used a paint marker to draw in the dial settings which I think I managed quite well for the first time I’ve ever used one of those. lol

Learning Moment: If you are going to pre-draw the areas you want to put lines on the amp for the dials and decide to go with the paint marker, DO NOT USE AN INK PEN. Did that come across understandably? I did and it immediately mixed with the white paint to become a grey mess. So I had to wait until it fully dried and paint over all of it again!

Thankfully those were the only issues I had to wrestle with to get this thing working well and it does sound quite good for such a little box. You can pop in a 9 volt and take it anywhere to play.

20161001_204240 20161001_204237

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